Friday, July 27, 2012

39 weeks!

1 week to go!  A quick shout out to my little guy who clearly knows how important tests are (like father like son ;) and stayed cozy until Karl finished the Bar exam.  There was only one brief moment of panic on Karl's end when he called me on the last day of the exam over his lunch break and I didn't answer on the first ring.  I was trying on nursing bras and my phone was buried in the dressing room under bras in sizes I didn't even know exist! I told him everything was fine and me and baby were just knocking out bra shopping so he didn't have to come along with me over his weekend of freedom ;)

To celebrate the end of an ERA (Karl has been taking tests since we met over 16 years ago! ;) we headed to the city on Friday night for a/one of our last? date nights at Karl's favorite restaurant, Kokari.  Yummy Greek food and even yummier wine list....Sigh...Anyway, I had this grand idea of stopping off at Crissy Field to get some pics of me in front of the Golden Gate bridge.  I clearly have prego brain totally forgetting that more often than not fog is covering the bridge.  Sure enough it was almost totally hidden.  It looked kind of cool though, and the lighting was neat for pics, so we got some quick shots before dinner.  It was an instant reminder of good ol SF weather...foggy, chilly and WINDY!  This was one of the only pictures where my hair doesn't look like I stuck my finger in a socket.

Ready when you are little guy :)