Sunday, October 15, 2006

Boot Camp!

Karl and I decided it was time to jazz up our workouts a little and we joined BOOT CAMP! A change from our normal running routine through Golden Gate Park we decided to try something new. Karl joined a co-ed class in the evenings and I joined a women's only class in the mornings...early...5am! We are very sore and loving it! Carly kicks our buts and 10 minutes into the class I'm peeling off layers of clothing. We meet down bat Aquatic Park, right behind Ghiradelli Sq. and it's normally pretty chilly and pitch black when we meet from 5-6am! We workout in the dark with only the Alcatraz light circling around from across the bay. We do cardio, strength training, obstacle courses, bleachers, stairs and whatever other torture our coaches can come up with! Last week our favorite workout was the famous San Francisco Lyon St. stairs! ...VERY steep and long stairs that we went up and down about 5 times! Oh, and that would be too easy to just go up and down them and call it a and down them and then call it a morning. We alternated doing squats, lunges and pushups in between each set! I couldn't feel my legs by the end of class and I'm STILL sore! The pictures here just don't do them justice. They are soo steep and they keep going..and going. It was a fun change and a good workout! Next week we run the GG Bridge!!