Monday, April 20, 2009

Flurry is in the news...twice!

Flurry has been getting great press lately! Check out both of the recent articles regarding their analytics tool that's taking off. Go flurry!

In NY Times & Forbes!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok, ok I know it's been a while since I've updated the blog. BUT, this time I have a good excuse and I can finally reveal our news! Some of you have heard already, but Karl and I are taking off and traveling for 4 months beginning May 1st! We've been super busy planning, packing, booking flights, getting vaccines, etc, for the last few months and are getting very excited! I've also created a trip blog that we will be posting to and updating from the road to keep everyone updated on our adventures. Stay tuned!

After spending weekend after weekend at home plotting & planning for the trip we decided last weekend to take off and go skiing at Tahoe this weekend. It was a great break and we're really glad we went since most of the resorts closed after we left. We skiied Alpine Meadows & Squaw Valley. It was Karl's first time to Alpine and even though it was a pretty small mountain he found some hard runs. My report: The snow was slushly and picked up the "Sierra Cement" feeling in the afternoon. Karls' report: This phenomena appears to only effect Jamie's skiing and Karl says "just ski!" If only it were that easy. My skiis literally stick to the snow making turns a huge effort for me. Karl just shakes his head...Oh, I feel sorry for the thousands of California skiiers that have never experienced Rocky Mountain champgane powder where your skiis fly through the snow with no effort at all! Alas, after some hunting around we did find some soft, normal snow (as I call it) on each mountain. There was hardly anyone at either mountain, probably because it was Easter weekend, so we had no lines. It was SO warm on the mountains and apres on the deck was awesome. It was hotter on the mountain than SF when we got back! Unreal.

We got some great pictures from the mountains.....until next year Squaw!

Sharp view from top of Alpine!

Self portrait on the lift at Squaw!