Sunday, July 9, 2006

Lake Tahoe!


We went to Lake Tahoe to rock climb with some friends this weekend. There were six of us total and we were very lucky to stay at Karl's co-worker's fabulous vacation home in Lake Tahoe. The drive from San Francisco was about four hours. We climbed at Luther Spires the first day and had to hike in about 40 minutes to get to the rocks. We climbed all day with the guys completing about 6-7 climbs that day. (PICTURES!) I successfully got to the top of a hard climb for my first climb outside! I was very proud and it was tough! It's alot harder without all the preinstalled grips built into the wall for you like the gym and was having to stick my hands into tiny little crevices and pull very hard to propel myself up the huge rock. It took me awhile but I did it! The next day, moving a little slower and definitely sore from the first day we climbed at Big Chief and the hike in was about 30 minutes and the climbs were a little tougher and taller at some points. We climbed and then went a took a dip in the chilly Truckee River! It felt soo good and it was warm out this weekend so it was refreshing. We forgot what cold water really felt like after our warm swims in August in Texas. There were a ton of rafters and tubers floating by and we were happy to actually take a dip in some water. It made us miss home. We had a great weekend and can't wait to go back and camp and then SKI in the winter!!