Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We went to LA for the weekend to go to our friends Ben and Melissa's engagement party in Malibu on Sunday. We decided to go to Disneyland all day Saturday & we had a blast! We rode every ride and didn't even go home to take afternoon naps like we did as kids! Little did we know that Christmas at Disneyland started the day before! The minute we walked in the park there were decorations everywhere, Xmas music playing the whole time, and a huge Xmas tree on Main Street. The rides were just as fun as we remembered and some of them totally revamped with a Christmas theme. The longest we waited in line was 40 minutes and that was for Karl's favorite ride- Peter Pan (not!) It's a Small World was lit up with Christmas lights and was incredible looking! Mom would have loved the Xmas theme with all the different countries singing Jingle Bells! So funny! Our favorite rides were Indiana Jones- a new ride where you ride in a huge jeep and twist and turn all thru the dark. Then, of course, the classic Space Mountain. Then, the remodled Pirates of the Carribean was amazing with awesome details and characters based from the new movie. Karl even waited in line with me for Peter Pan's ride which ended up being his favorite..ha ha! We even did Mr Toad's wild ride and Snow White's scary adventure...and it was scary! (For all the 2 year olds!) The evening ended with an awesome fireworks display while they played xmas music and then a shooting star over the castle. They even made fake snow that fell down on everyone! It was just as fun as we remembered it as kids and we never even thought twice about how old we were hopping on all the rides! We were beat by the end of the day after standing on our feet for nearly 12 hours we crashed. The next day we drove to Malibu and went to our friends Ben & Melissa's engagement party hosted by one of their friends that lives in the hills of Malibu. The house was incredible complete with their own vineyard and horses. We had so much fun seeing our California Dartmouth friends that came in from LA, San Diego and Santa Barbara! We then had a fun 7 hour drive back to San Fran. Definitely a very long drive just for the weekend but this time it was worth it!