Sunday, June 24, 2007

20 Miles on a flat tire?!

We set out for a bike ride with my friend from work and her friends. There were about 8 of us and the plan was to bike from SF, over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, and then to Tiburon. It's a pretty popular ride over to Sausalito but we wanted to make it Tiburon because one of our favorite cafes on the water is there. We planned to take the ferry back to SF. We were told the ride was pretty flat by the people at the bike shop and that there was only one short steep climb but we'd be fine. Turns out we were in for a much harder, longer ride than expected! We biked over the bridge and then climbed into Sausalito. The road into Sausalito was pretty hairy because the road didn't have a shoulder or bike lane coming into town. Then after going through Sausalito on our way to Tiburon and just as we were leaving town I realized I had a flat! I am at this point using Karl's 8th grade Mountain Bike because my good road bike is in storage in Austin.

..pretending everything is ok on GG bridge

This was about 8 miles into the ride and luckily we brought our pump with us. We then had to pump up the tire every 2 miles the rest of the ride. Ug. We encountered much harder climbs and more of them than we expected and it turned out to be a pretty long ride. The constant stopping made it a little longer too. Overall, it was a very pretty ride all along the bay. At the end, we looked at my bike computer and it said 20 miles! Yow! And, it took us 3 hours! We were very relieved when we finally got to the restaurant and sat down and had a beer! Luckily, we didn't have to bike the whole way back! The ferry was PACKED with other bikers and we barely made it on. The weather this weekend was awesome and everyone else had the same idea as us! It was cool to us that just a short ferry ride across the bay and we were sitting at a restaurant patio on the water and it was HOT! The second the ferry pulled up to SF we felt the cooler breeze. We had a great time and we proud of ourselves being able to do that long of a ride without having ridden in so long. Sausalito and Tiburon are really cute little beach towns right on the water with awesome views, especially looking across the bay to the SF city skyline.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Camping at Lake Tahoe

Karl and I went camping this past weekend at Lake Tahoe. We stayed at Emerald Bay State Park which is on a really pretty bay of Lake Tahoe. It took us about 4 hours to drive there Friday night after work and we were able to set up the tent in the dark no problem. Our site was pretty cool because we didn't have anyone to our left and the campers to our right were up a little hill. The weather was great- upper 80s during the day and mid 40s at night.

View of Emerald Bay from our hike

We planned a hike on Saturday that was about 6-7 miles around Emerald Bay. We had great views of the bay/lake as we hiked and it went all along the water. We passed through Emerald Bay Beach which is really nice and lots of boats were beached there and people were swimming, etc. The water was cold- we think upper 50s but we got in! We got hot enough laying out on the beach and eating lunch that the water actually felt refreshing to get in! The water is perfectly clear and they have these great sandy beaches you can just walk right into the water from. After our hike we drove to another beach a little more south and it was a happening place We saw some wakeboarders in shortie wetsuits and some kids being pulled on tubes. They had a swimming area buoyed off for swimmers and kayakers. We were overall very impressed with how nice Lake Tahoe was and how pretty the scenery is. We weren't too afraid to cook dinner that night and stored our trash in the bear locker. It's pretty cool to us that you can pick up and camp in the middle of the summer out here compared to Texas where we have about a 4 week window of decent weather. In only 3-4 hours you can be in complete wilderness away from the city. Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and the perfect year round vacation home spot since you can ski all winter at any of the ski resorts there and you have the lake during the summer ;)

Monday, June 4, 2007


We had a blast in Europe for Sebasatian's and Antje's wedding! We flew into Amsterdam and took a short train ride into the city of Utrecht where the wedding festivities took place. We stayed there two nights and had a blast seeing all of our Dartmouth friends. The wedding reception took place in a castle in the countryside, with a moat and all! The guests had to cross a small drwabridge to get into the castle. It was so beautiful! Sunday we left for Amsterdam for 2 days and one night. We enjoyed the Anne Frank house, the Van Gough muesuem, and the canals of Amsterdam. They had a floating flower market with all the recently cut tulips that was neat. The next day we left in the evening for Paris. We took a 4 hour train ride and arrived at midnight. After some stumbling around on cobblestone paths and pulling our luggage around we finally found out hotel. We stayed in the cool Latin Quarter area of town and loved it! There were tons of outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars all around. It was a very busseling part of town and we were glad to have chosen that area. Mark met us in Paris for our last two days there and we all had a great time walking around the city, sightseeing.

We visited the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, the underground catacombs, Notre Dame, Arc de Triumph, and the famous Champs de Elysee and of course the Eiffel Tower. We all agreed one of our favorites was sitting at a sidewalk cafe drinking wine under a tent while it rained out. The Eiffel Tower was pretty spectacular as well especially when it was lit up at night. We loved Paris and it's one of our favorite cities in Europe!

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