Saturday, October 8, 2011


I love fall. In Texas we would get all of three days of fall like weather and here it's fall weather 9 months of the year. But with the two gloomy, rainy days we had this week- I got in the fall mood! I uncovered all my fall home deco items, lit a few fall spiced candles, and dusted off my 'ol crockpot in preparation to try some new yummy stew recipes I found. And, of course as with every new season that rolls around I went on my quarterly Michael's extravaganza! I sort of lose it in that place. I mean like, stay for hours on a Sunday, slowly walking up and down every aisle staring, making friends along the way, lose it. I arrive armed with a Starbucks, grab a basket and case the place. This year I had a pretty specific agenda. I wanted to make a couple fall wreaths. If you know Michael's you know that the place is always busting at the seams with stuff for holidays coming up in the next 3-4 months. Fall & halloween stuff? forgettaboutit. So old news. Even though neither has really occurred. Anything fall themed, Halloween themed and evenly remotely non-Christmas is currently 50% off. Score! I'm pretty sure the place is getting ready for Easter right now.

So, in the end (read: as the lights were going out, the check out ladies were watching me, Karl calls and reminds me that he does indeed need to eat dinner and I had to finally check out) I got exactly what I wanted and was able to whip up these two puppies for...wait for it. A total of.......$20! Inspired by a few fall wreaths I had seen on various websites, catalogs, etc., I think they turned out pretty well. Our home sure is fall cozy now!

The cute wreath my Mom got me a few years ago for our hallway mirror. Love it!

And the vase my Dad got me for my birthday full of fall flowers :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lobster Fest

The feast we look forward to all year. Lobster, butter, corn, potatoes, artichokes, and bottomless wine at Pine Ridge Winery in Napa. Amen.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm addicted. This is just one of the many ways I love to use it. Recipes at my stove, while I cook, with no printing involved. Sa-weeet! (Top fav: lying in bed, surfing the web, under a pile of Bit 'O Honey wrappers ;)

And a bonus shot of me channeling my inner June Cleaver in my new apron Riane & David gave me for my bday. Love it! (Karl says, Thanks Riane for encouraging my wife to spend more time in the kitchen ;) Ha!

AND, in case you were wondering what we whipped up this lovely evening, the best pork chops Karl has ever grilled with Pineapple Green Onion Salsa and a Vietnamese Noodle Salad on the side....yum- O!

Why the charcoal grill and not the gas onel? It was getting lonely. We thought we'd switch it up and it's right outside the kitchen so we fired it up while we chopped away inside. Best pork chops ever...still thinking about them. Good work babe!