Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy 2008!'s been a while. I'm just now getting around to blogging and posting all of our holiday pics up after a crazy month we've had so far. We moved right after Christmas to a new place in Pacific Heights right on Fillmore St. The neighborhood is made up of lots of old, restored Victorian mansions and it's fun to walk around and look at all of them on our walks. We love our new place so far but are still getting unpacked and settled so I just recently found my camera buried in a box. Karl was a sweet husband and drove a Uhaul across the country from Texas to SF with all of our own furniture and stuff. It feels alot more like home in here now with our favorite couches and furniture and all my kitchen stuff back! It's been 3 weeks of unpacking and organizing but we're getting there. We have had a chance to check out a few restaurants on our street and so far so good! We are right in the middle of all the action on Fillmore and love it! We can't wait for the annual Fillmore Jazz Fest in the summer that takes place right on our street. It's a very convenient location considering I can walk directly across the street to get coffee and there's a market right next door to grab any last minute dinner items we need. Hopefully, we'll stay put for a little while....but you never know what's next these days :) Come visit and stay in touch in 2008!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wine Winterland!

One of our top favorite things about living in California- wine!! We went to the annual Wine Winterland in the Russian River Valley with some friends. For $40 a person you get to attend any of the wineries participating (most of them) and do a tasting with a food pairing. It was awesome! We got there early and were able to hit up 7 wineries! All the ones we visited were ones Karl and I had never been before so it was fun to try all new wine. The weather was perfect and we had a blast. There was every kind of cheese you could imagine, bbq, soups, chocolate truffles, etc. at each winery. Our favorite was Talty who did a Zinfindel tasting. Most of the wineries in the Russian River Valley specialize in Pinot Noirs ( favorite) since its further North than Napa or Sonoma. And also, these wineries had more Zins (our other fav). So, there's your wine lesson of the day! ....yey for wine!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mema's 80th Birthday!

What a party we had for Mema's 80th birthday! Lots of friends & family where there to celebrate Mema's big day. Fireworks, BBQ, beer, champagne, fun times!

Love you Mema!