Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Costa Rica!

I miss Costa Rica! Riane & I had soo much fun with our tour group...10 days of adventure!!

Here's a funny video of me being a spaz as I drop from a platform on the "Jungle Swing" It was actually really fun but the initial feeling of dropping from that high up is creepy...thus the need to scream as loud as possible ;)

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cabo Wabo!

We had a very relaxing time in Cabo. We stayed on one of the nicest swimming beaches there- Medano Beach, which is on the Sea of Cortez side. From our hotel we could look out to the famous El Arco and rock formations which mark the very tip of Baja. This is where the Pacific side meets the Sea of Cortez. During our sunset cruise we went around the tip into the Pacific side and the air temperature was instantly cooler and the waves were way rougher crashing into the rocks and beach. It was crazy how you could just feel how much colder it was!

You can't get in the water on the Pacific side because it's way too rough. Alot of celebrities have homes perched on the cliffs on the Pacific side. Even on our nice beach the surf was pretty strong and the undertoe was pretty significant but it was definitely swimmable once we swam past the waves. The water was chilly but felt great after laying out and getting hot. We went on a Sunset Cruise to the famous El Arco (See Pictures) and one day we decided to try diving. I was really nervous that it was going to be too cold for me but the dive master said we'd be fine in long wetsuits, which they rented us. Karl originally thought the water temp was about 75 or so and the dive master quickly assured us that is was mid to low 60s!!! I suited up and got all ready, dropped into the water and instantly froze! The water was so cold my face and hands hurt! I just couldn't do it and there was no way I was up 45 minutes of it getting even colder once we reached 50 or so feet during the dive. Karl continued on and did two dives. I stayed on the boat and the driver let me snorkel around a little but I was pretty cold doing that! There were a ton of fish but no coral.

They dove near El Arco and the rock formations and underwater it got pretty deep pretty quick. They saw an eel, Amberjack fish, and a Rock Fish which they warned us about. It definitely wasn't Bora Bora diving but Karl was glad he checked it out. By the end of the second dive he was wiped out and admitted he was pretty cold. I've decided to stick to the warmer water for diving. We ate dinner at little restaurants on the beach and the surf was so high one night the waves were rolling under our chairs and table! We saw an awesome moon rise one night too which was pretty cool. We ate lots of yummy seafood and found an awesome sushi restaurant serving all the local fish they catch. We loved laying out on the beach and reading and relaxing!

....our beach